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Feb. 7th, 2011 | 08:34 pm

2 things bros, that happened today that make me RAGE.

#1: I had a big group project due in one of my classes and it was AWFULLY important which make me super angry when NO-ONE contacted me. EVER. And I was group leader. No-one but me posts their phone number online so it was hella hard trying to make sure everyone did their work. ALSO. I hate doing everyone's work FOR THEM. Which I almost did but didn't because I assumed THEY would do it.
I busted my ass on a pamphlet, printed out 30 copies back and forth. That was my half. 
Two other people copied down the info from some slides but didn't bother to memorize what it was about.
And the other guy was suppose to make an in class assignment for everyone to do.

And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. No-one let me talk about my pamphlet which killed our presentation. Which killed out grade.
And because I took responsibility and didn't lie to our teach about something, my grade got cut in half. So basically I'm failing hella hard core because of dumb ass people. :/

#2: I took Keith to H&R Block to file his taxes. It wasn't much but I thought it would be a good learning experience for him. THANK THE GODS I WENT WITH HIM. Since I run a small business on my own, practically, I deal with privacy discloser information. I know what paper work means when the general public doesn't.
What pisses me off is that they have all this paperwork slapped together all jankety like and in big letters it says SIGN HERE FOR DIS-CLOSER and in itty bitty letters it tells you what your signing away for them to sell willy-nilly.:

Your full name and address, your signature, your social-ID number, your phone number, your email, your banking info, and how much money you have/made.

When I seen how this was I approached the front counter and told them I didnt understand. They basically informed me I should sign all my info away because that would mean I don't want them to sell my shit; they told me to do what I didn't want to do.
I told them: "Hey, I run a small company, I know what this shit is. Don't try to fool me jackasses, where is the head-honcho. I'd like to speak with someone. NOW."
They didn't like me there ;D

They promised me they had made a mistake, the forms were new and they didn't understand what I had been asking [yeah right] and let me talk with someone who dance around every question I had for them.
In the end they got fed up that I wasn't buying their bullshit and advised that me and Keith should go else where. BUT, first they wanted to take everything he signed. I said no that we were taking it.
They tried to argue but I gacked the paperwork anyway and we left.

-I'm failing school due to losers in my group
-The government doesn't like how educated I am with paperwork as they were trying to steal Keith's info

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